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When booking a weekend with your friend’s money it’s vital that their money is safe.  It is a legal requirement in the UK for tour operators to protect their client’s money.  Some companies use ABTA and ATOL others use IPP.  Whatever company you book through it’s important you make sure they protect it.

Here at The Great British Stag and our parent company Orchid City & Spa we choose to protect your money through the IPP (International Passenger Protection) scheme so basically if anything should happen to our company you will get all your money back. If you have any questions about how it works then any of our team would be more than happy to discuss.  You aren’t required to do anything to protect your money, we do it all for you but here are some questions we’ve been asked before.

Here’s how your money is protected:

Frequently asked questions about IPP.

  • What does the IPP scheme mean?

It’s it’s most simple form, if we went bust before you travel you will get all your money back.

  • What is the International Passenger Protection scheme and who are they?

IPP is an insurance scheme backed by some of the worlds biggest insurers and they specialise in financial protection within the travel industry.  They are one of the world-wide leaders in providing financial failure insurance.

  • Why are some companies ATOL bonded and you are not?

If you sell flights as part of a package then ATOL is the scheme for you. As we don’t offer flights as part of our package we don’t use them.  It’s worth noting if you book atravel packages with a company that’s bonded with ATOL that doesn’t  include flights, then the security of ATOL bonding does won’t apply to your package.

  • Why have you joined this scheme and what’s the risk you’ll go bust.

We can assure you we are not planning to go bust.  It’s very difficult to join schemes like IPP and they will only accept companies who manage their finances correctly. We get assess on a regular basis and as we operate our business well they continue to work with us.  As we’re legally boundto protect your money we decided on IPP as the best option.

  • Legally bound, that sounds serious, so what does that mean?

This is quite boring but very important: We are a tour operator as we sell and organise our own packages. This means that we are currently covered by the ‘European Package Travel Regulations’ which requires us to protect all our customers monies against our own insolvency.

  • So should all travel companies have this sort of protection?

Yes! 100% but sadly the law is not enforced very well. Therefore there are lots of unscrupulous companies who ignore their legal obligations. If you are speaking to any other companies it’s really important you make sure your money will be protected.

For more information on IPP please click here

We hope this all helps you understand.  There are lots of good companies out there but also some bad ones.  Make sure you don’t make any mistakes and don’t be afraid to ask.  Any company who has protection will be happy to tell you about it.

IMPORTANT – Please note we advise all our customers buy travel insurance.  IPP is not travel insurance so if you need to cancel your weekend or place on the weekend for a genuine reason but will require appropriate travel insurance.

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