Here’s a Little Bit About Us


The team at The Great British Stag knows the difference between a good stag weekend and a bad one.  If you’ve ever been on a bad stag weekend you know how easiely mutiny can start and the whole this is ruined.  Bad stag weekends start from bad planning and a bad understanding of what makes a great stag weekend.  That’s where we come in…

We understand what makes the perfect stag weekend.  It’s about having a good group of men, and a well organised weekend.  We can’t help with the former but we can certainly help with the latter.

All we need from you is a basic understanding of what you want to do or what the group are like.  No two stag weekends are the same so getting the right location and concept is vital.

We’ve personally been on lots of stag weekends and we know that the Baltics work for some groups and Belfast for others (both are amazing).  We’ll help you decided on the right option.

Our company was started in 2011 and we have grown ever since.  Most of our team have a background in travel and events prior to working at The Great British Stag.  We also have a sister company called ‘Orchid City & Spa’ which is built a reputation as a leading supplier of luxury hen weekends.

If you’re looking for help get in touch and we’ll arrange the perfect stag weekend for you.

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